Steps to Become a Successful Online Marketer (Do’s & Don’ts)

online marketing

Ever since internet has become the center of all the activities, it has also emerged as a great platform for marketing.

The huge number of internet users makes a great customer base that every company wants to target to promote their products.

If you are looking for avenues to make money online, then online marketing should be your career choice.

Marketing does require certain skills and attributes which are a little different from other fields of work. To become a successful online marketer there are certain steps that you need to follow.


Identify Your Skills

If you are a beginner and you are planning to enter the world of online marketing then first of all you should assess your skill sets.

Online marketing will require you to have great communication skills, research abilities and you will have to put time and effort to build a great career in this field.

Since this is online marketing you must be well aware of the social media and be conversant with its features, since that will be your main pitching ground.

Find your strengths and master them. DO NOT spend time working on getting your weakness better. Outsource it


Get Associated with a Great Company and Products

Always remember that in order to become a successful marketer you need to get associated with a great reputed company.

This will ensure that the quality of the product that you are marketing is great, and also add to your reputation in the world of online marketing.

This step is very important. Choose a product carefully. Do your research. Do not pick the hottest affiliate product on any of the affiliate sites without proper due diligence.

Remember, you are building a business, a group of followers, and a customer list (I assume you are collecting emails). You want to build credibility and confidence.

Pick a company with problem-solving products, surround yourself with successful entrepreneurs within the company, and model after them.


Give Your Blog Utmost Importance

Your blog is where you will be marketing the products from, so make it as attractive and user friendly as possible.

Make sure that all the relevant information and links are readily available for the users and they can easily access them.

It is also important to have a forum or a way to visitor to contact you in your blog where they can post and upload their questions.

You will also have to ensure that their queries and questions are attended to as soon as possible. Great customer service is an essential part of marketing.

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Explore the Social Media to its Fullest

All your potential customers are in the various social networking sites.

The best thing to do is to start a poll or discussion on your product and get reactions from the audience.

This will instantly bring your product into notice and also give you an idea of what general public thinks about it.

You can directly use the social media to market your products as well, by posting content and advertisements in the social sites.

Use your products URL (blog or offer) as much as you can in your content and signature, this is a way of pitching your website indirectly.

Do not SPAM social media. Most marketers believe that spamming Facebook’s groups give you exposure. Its just hurt your business.


Keep Yourself Updated

Of the most important thing in marketing is the product and marketing strategies. But above all else, the most important thing to do is keep yourself updated.

Everything you say, do or write will highlight your skills and knowledge to the customers. If you come across as a well learned and aware person who knows exactly what he is talking about, then people will believe in you, and buy ALL your recommended product.

Spend more time developing yourself than your business.

    • Read for at least 30 minutes a day.
    • Listen to professional marketers daily (Webinar,  audios, presentations, ect).
    • Surround yourself with successful entrepreneurs (One tip, just one tip, can make you millionaire).
    • Attend to company (Product you sell) events.
    • Get on the newsletter email list of successful marketers in your niche (Look for tips, content, and structure of their emails and marketing).
    • Do not let anything distract you from your goal.


I hope you have some value out this content.

Please feel free to share it with your friend and partners.

God Bless!


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