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“If You Do Not Build Your Dreams,
Someone Else Will Hire You to Help Them Build Theirs”

Concepcion Guzman is an entrepreneur from Puerto Rico living in Tampa, Florida. He considered himself “self-retired” by the age of 27 after effectively converting his active income into passive income after years of investing in his own businesses and real estate.


  • In 2012, he founded a Healthcare Care IT (HIT) company to help healthcare organization advance the continuum of patient care through the adoption of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software.
  • In 2013, he founded his first online marketing business in Singapore where his company became publishing partners with companies such as Amazon and Ebay.
  • In 2014, he started his first private coaching group to teach independent consultants and small business owners how to manufacture economic independence – the point at which your passive cash flow exceeds your expenses – through explicit industry business approaches, proactive permanent tax-reduction strategies, and streamline investing education commonly reserved for the wealthy.
  • In 2015, he joined forces with his childhood friend to established an international investment firm to focus on safety, capital preservation, and long-term growth investments far outside the mainstream lens across the corners of the world.

Today Concepcion Guzman dedicates his time mentoring entrepreneurs, and discovering little know financial strategies that will slash taxes permanently, turbocharge investments, and crank up passive cash flow.


He spends his free time pursuing his passion of setting international roots abroad, following every of game of the St. Louis Cardinals, finding the best coffee around the world, and investing in private equity opportunities on upcoming countries.

  • Concepcion has given me a new outlook on consulting and how to manage my business affairs. His business strategies will definitely enable me to save a ton of cash instead of giving it to Uncle Sam. I’ve been a presenter and trainer for many years and I must say his presentations are thoughtful and structured in an easy to understand format while being loaded with information that I can put to use immediately. Excellent job Concepcion!

    Vonnie Hudson

    Certified EMR Consultant

    Vonnie Hudson
  • Concepcion has been a great influence not only in my professional life but also in my personal life. His work ethic, vision, humbleness and attention to detail are second to none. I have been able to take great steps forward working along Concepcion and my business is seeing the results. There is no doubt that we will continue working with him for the growth of our business.

    Richard Gonzalez

    Founder & CEODuxSports.com

    Richard Gonzalez
  • Concepcion has been an amazing friend, business partner, and advisor in all areas of my life. Having witnessed and experienced his genuine desire to help those that surround him to succeed is admirable. Knowing his humble beginnings, his current business knowledge and outstanding accomplishments at such a young age, will motivate inspiring entrepreneurs of all ages and walks of life that they too can succeed.

    Alex Matos

    CEO & Founder — Roundtrip Gear

    Alex Matos





Vocxy EMR Solutions

This is my flagship company. We focus on assisting healthcare organizations in all phases of implementation of their new EMR system. We excel at pre-planning & deployment, project management, build configuration, staff training, and post-optimzation.

Stansberry Research Alliance

The Stansberry Alliance is an exclusive invitation only membership to Stansberry Research most prestigious analysis. These include an annual private meeting that have been hosted in locations such as Hong-Kong, Zurich, Switzerland, and Sea Island, Georgia, among other 5-star locations.

Sovereign Man: Total Access

Total Access is a mastermind with the best financial rolodex of experts, thought leaders, CEOs, investors, tax experts, bankers. Some of the members are Jim Rogers, James Rickards, Ron Paul, and Peter Schiff…People you want to be in the room with. 

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